$10 million jury verdict in Montgomery County for boy who became quadriplegic due to defectively designed pool.


Nearly $8 million recovered in two medical malpractice trials.


$7 million jury verdict in Montgomery County for the estates of a married couple killed in an auto accident.


Over $6 million awarded from 2 medical malpractice cases and 2 car crash cases.


Nearly $6 million recovered in 3 catastrophic car crash cases.


$5 million verdict for asbestos victim.


Secured for man suffering a closed head injury


$1.7 million verdict for asbestos victim.


Jury verdict in Philadelphia for the family of a man who died from asbestos-related esophageal cancer.


Verdict against Marriott Hotels for a client who was caused to fall by soda crates improperly stacked around a blind turn on a loading dock.


Award for the failure to diagnose cauda equina syndrome


Obtained a $1.2 million settlement for two teenagers who were severely injured in an auto accident in Bucks County.


$1.1 million award in a liposuction surgery malpractice case.


Nearly $1 million for young woman burned by defective garment.


Woman suffered second- and third-degree burns when her garment caught fire. Argued that the garment was defective and unsafe in not meeting flammability safety standards.


$405,000 jury verdict in a cosmetic eyelid surgery.


Verdict through arbitration against a Bucks County tavern for continuing to serve an intoxicated patron and allowing her to leave and drive home. Client was rendered partially disabled after the intoxicated driver caused a violent auto accident.


Settlement during a medical malpractice trial in Monroe County for a client who was suffering from bone cancer, but misdiagnosed with bone contusion.


Jury verdict exceeding $800K for a trip & fall case in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


Award in a medical malpractice trial in which the client was discharged from the Wilkes-Barre Hospital emergency room while demonstrating signs of suffering imminent stroke.


Slip & fall accident in chain restaurant parking lot caused permanent loss of use of client’s leg from rare nerve disorder.


Settlement exceeding $500,000 for a premises liability claim against a corporation in Lehigh County, where a driver making a delivery was injured from falling inside the premises due to improper design and maintenance of steps.


Jury verdict against a plastic surgeon for causing damage to a woman’s eyes.