• What to Do in Case of an Accident – Keep in your Glove Compartment
    If you keep this folder in your car and follow the steps inside, it will greatly assist you in obtaining the maximum recovery for your injuries and property damage.
  • Are YOU Protected If You Are Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident?
    September 18, 2017
    Most of us rely on an insurance agent to help us choose the coverages on our motor vehicle insurance policy, but do you fully understand that policy?
  • Make Sure to Keep Safe While Tending Your Garden
    August 9, 2017
    As we approach the hottest part of the summer, your garden may be exploding with fresh produce, flowers, or… weeds. As you set out to enjoy the fruits of your labor, or pull weeds, make safety a part of your routine.
  • Keep Yourself Safe and Injury-Free in the Summer
    June 26, 2017
    Summer is the time of year when we all emerge from our winter slumber. This emergence is not unlike that of cicadas, which reach epic proportions accompanied by their deafening sounds. Like swarms of cicadas, summer also brings swarms of kids to pools and parks.
  • Grill Safety Tips – Enjoy Your BBQ
    June 12, 2017
    Summer wouldn’t be the same without the smell of barbecue wafting through the neighborhood. Before you light that grill for the next party, remember that a fun-time grilling should also be safe-time grilling. There’s no such thing as a “safe fire.”
  • Outdoor Safety Tips for Your Spring Adventures
    April 28, 2017
    Whether you prefer the mountains or the beach, outdoor adventure awaits. Most of us don’t live at the beach, or spend time in the woods. The novel experiences that make trips to the mountains or beach fun, can also be dangerous due to unfamiliarity.
  • Bicycle Safety Tips for the Spring
    April 11, 2017
    There’s no time like the Spring to take to the road or trail on a bike. Even on waremr days, you can still get a workout while feeling the relief from wind against your face.
  • Should Sugar be Regulated like Liquor and Cigarettes
    March 5, 2017
    Most people understand that liquor and cigarettes are harmful to health and should not be sold to children. And that health warning labels should be on products containing tobacco and alcohol. Scientific research over recent years has also shown that sugar is harmful to health in several ways.
  • So What Does it Mean to Have a Constitutional Claim for a Personal Injury?
    February 17, 2017
    For the last few years, we have seen time and again police officers shooting individuals in custody or after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Even in our public schools, we unfortunately learn about public school employees assaulting students either physically or sexually.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – The Unseen Injury from Accidents
    February 4, 2017
    We’ve become aware about injuries to our brains. There’s been quite a bit of publicity about them in some contexts. We hear about football players getting concussions and having problems, both short term and long term.
  • Keep Yourself and Loved Ones Safe – Don’t Drive Distracted
    January 6, 2017
    As much as we try to remain disciplined, it is so hard not to use our smart and cell phones while driving. We want to see what our children have texted us, or answer a business call that will not have to be dealt with once we arrive at our destination.
  • Don’t Let Your Child Become a Victim of Internet Predators
    January 6, 2017
    Remember when we were in high school how our parents would yell and fight with us to get off the phone particularly during the week when we should have been doing homework, studying for a test, or simply doing chores.