Work Related Injuries & Worker’s Compensation

Fatal work injuries in Pennsylvania totaled 173 in 2015, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That year, private industry employers across the U.S. reported approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses, according to the bureau.

Pennsylvania workers who suffer a job-related injury, illness, or disease may be entitled under their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance to payment of medical expenses, lost wages, and other benefits relating to their physical and emotional injuries. If the worker’s injury results in death, surviving dependents may also be entitled to financial benefits.

Workers’ compensation claims are governed by a complicated body of law setting forth the time limits for notifying your employer of your injury, the medical providers you are allowed to treat with, whether you are entitled to total or partial disability benefits, and calculation of wage-loss benefits (including offsets for other benefits such as Social Security, severance pay, unemployment compensation, and more).

If your employer denies your claim, or if you discover that your employer doesn’t carry insurance or is not self-insured for workers’ compensation, legal remedies are available. Remedies also are available if your employer or its insurance carrier suspends or terminates your benefits claiming you have fully recovered or that your injury is no longer affecting your ability to earn your average weekly wage, but you know that is not the case.

Our attorneys handle workers’ compensation cases involving all types of injuries, including workplace accidents, repetitive motion injuries, scars and disfigurements, loss of eyesight or hearing, lost use of a body part, and medical conditions relating to physical, chemical, or biological agents.

We’re Here to Help You

Workers’ compensation insurance companies want to save money. They are not on your side. Contact us immediately.

We fight to obtain all workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to. Workers’ compensation insurers try to minimize payouts. They do not care about your best interests. They may offer you a lump sum of money to settle all past and future claims for benefits, but that may be far less than what you deserve. Calculating the amount of settlement in workers’ compensation cases is an extraordinarily complex process, and we can provide advice as to what constitutes a fair lump sum.

You may have legal claims against other parties involved in your work-related accident. We will cut through the facts.

If you were injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but in most circumstances, are legally barred from suing your employer. But if the accident was caused by the negligence of a party that is not your employer, that party may be held legally responsible. For instance, a manufacturer of defective equipment may be sued for injuries you sustained while using the equipment, or a driver of an automobile may be sued for injuries you sustained in a car accident while traveling for your job. We’ll fully investigate the circumstances and identify all parties that potentially can be held legally liable.

Because a monetary award and medical treatment will significantly impact your life, we put our substantial workers’ compensation experience to work.

We’re skilled at prosecuting all types of workers’ compensation claims, including medical expenses, lost wages, and claims for “specific loss benefits,” which involve loss of use of certain body parts. Additionally, we will vigorously defend against any attempts by your employer or its insurer to suspend or terminate benefits when you still require treatment. And if your work injuries should cause you to stop working after you have returned from a period of disability, we will file a reinstatement petition and fight for your right to receive benefits again.

Our personal bond is as important as our legal representation.

Work-related accidents, illnesses, and diseases can cause catastrophic injuries and death. We understand the loss and anguish that the victim and family experience. The medical issues and choices can be daunting, and the family is often overwhelmed when their breadwinner can no longer work. You are not just given one person to work with―you have an entire team of lawyers, paralegals, and workers’ compensation secretaries. As a team, we coordinate with one another about your case and keep in constant contact with you and your family. Our team helps clients in these emotionally tough times by being accessible, supportive, and genuine. Our sensitivity and compassion make us better lawyers, too.

If a new legal matter arises during your case, we can help.

The firm’s work-related injuries and workers’ compensation practice is just one of many HRMM&L law practices. Because HRMM&L is a full-service law firm with substantial resources, we’re able to advise you on other legal problems that may arise during your case. And if the legal problem is one our firm doesn’t handle, we’ll refer you to another lawyer and firm whom we know and trust.

Other legal problems you may encounter during your work-related injuries and workers’ compensation case:

  • Wrongful death and catastrophic injury
  • Construction accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Civil rights abuse and injury
  • Employer discrimination and harassment
  • Slip & fall and dangerous property conditions
  • Product liability, harmful drugs, defective medical devices

Verdict against Marriott Hotels for a client who was caused to fall by soda crates improperly stacked around a blind turn on a loading dock.


Settlement exceeding $500,000 for a premises liability claim against a corporation in Lehigh County, where a driver making a delivery was injured from falling inside the premises due to improper design and maintenance of steps.