When Physicians Become Predators

April 18, 2019

I previously wrote about the three “classic” professions, one of which was the medical profession where trained and licensed health care workers have a fiduciary relationship with those they treat.  In short, such professionals have inordinate power  when dealing with patients and their duty is not only to properly treat, but also to ensure that bright lines are not crossed, for to do so would lead to greater harm to those that are vulnerable and are in need of greater care and services.  As you can see by the announcement, the Department of Justice has cracked down on those health care professionals who not only abused vulnerable addicts of opioids, but furthered and fostered criminal racketeering at the expense of those in our society who most need help and support.  In many instances, those who have suffered from the breach of trust and duty owed by professionals may have civil recourse and be compensated for the harm and loss suffered.

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